Blending ‘Best Practices’ With Subtle Nuances To Drive Response

copywritingSuccessful marketing programs are more than big words blended with pretty pictures.

Instead, they’re often a unique combination of behavioral economics … consumer insights … product knowledge … and that special “something” that places a product squarely in the “I’ve gotta have it” realm for a consumer.

Doing the Little Things Right To Increase Response

So how do you turn a “best practice” approach into a “home run winner”?  It’s often by adding up the little things.

Copy often starts with the foundation of a proven approach.  But it’s the small bricks – each one delivering a touch of consumer empathy, situational understanding, substantiation of marketing claims, or social proof – than can mean the difference between success and failure.

One of Charmin’s strengths is approaching a project from the viewpoint of a consumer.  She focuses on what’s keeping prospects awake at night.  She shows how products can help customers achieve their dreams.  She speaks their language to create materials which appear more like a conversation with a friend (instead of a promotional marketing campaign).

What Types of Projects Does Charmin Work On?

Charmin specializes in creating breakthrough direct response campaigns for print and online media.  She has developed winning customer acquisition mailings, conservation billing series, lead generation series, websites, direct response emails and landing pages, advertisements, renewal efforts, sales representative materials, and much more.

Of course, most marketing projects require both copy and design.  Charmin easily works with in-house art departments.  For a more complete solution, she also partners with several of the nation’s leading direct response designers and HTML programmers to deliver production-ready campaigns.

Drop Me a Line

I’d love to talk to you.  I generally keep typical office hours during the week.  My phone number is 515-491-9233.