Marketing Strategy

Learning From The Successes (And Failures) Of Others

strategyIf you were bringing a new product to market, you’d do research into similar products and the potential client base.  If you were developing a new membership organization, you’d study similar groups to find your strengths and points of differentiation.

Your marketing strategy should be no different.

But where can you see what’s working – and what’s not?  The key is ongoing marketing knowledge that spans multiple products and target audiences.

Charmin has participated in more than a thousand marketing campaigns.  She’s seen multiple strategies applied to a varied range of products.  She has a continually updated knowledge base to help you understand:

  • Which approaches are successful.
  • How to set up test strategy to maximize marketing lessons learned.
  • How to look at results after testing to make informed decisions regarding directions of future strategies.

Real-World Knowledge Of What’s Working Right Now

Because Charmin is an actively-working copywriter, she continually sees new campaigns and works on new products in development.  She’s also involved in developing new approaches for today’s marketing challenges.

Charmin does strategy consultation on certain projects such as product launches.  She also consults on an ongoing basis with selected clients.

Drop Me a Line

I’d love to talk to you.  I generally keep typical office hours during the week.  My phone number is 515-491-9233.